Mowll is running a digital inclusion programme as part of an extension of their work with people with learning difficulties and mental health issues who have met with exclusion in education, training, employment and community life.

The Technomatters digital inclusion programme is run in various parts of the community in north and south Liverpool to work with people who have a non-verbal disability or have difficulty communicating. There can be a wide number of reasons for this, from MS to cerebral palsy or autism. Because of the high turnover of care in the support environment, people can find it frustrating that they have to continually learn how to communicate what they need or want with someone who cannot understand.

Technology can help, using either tablets or synaptic software. Some of the people they have worked with use a technology called JabTalk but it has its limitations and they say they want a solution that more represents the way they use the web. Tool 4 Talk is the platform they are looking to develop and are potentially going to crowdfund it. The eHealth cluster can help Mowll connect with technology organisations to join in with the new platform and improve it. They can also learn more about the technology available and how to use it within their organisations.




Mowll were one of several eHealth Cluster members who took part in the cluster-managed Digital Space at Ilinks 2016, where they were given the opportunity to tell an audience of senior NHS professionals about their work, and how they are integrating digital technology with health and social care services.