My Hubs is designed to reach the digitally excluded who can’t utilise new technology designed to help people take more control over their health. Digital exclusion rises if people are older and sicker so Henshaws works with over thirty hubs in Liverpool connecting people with potential products to help. One of those hubs is Merseytravel.

OrCam MyEye: An intuitive portable device with a smart camera mounted on the frames of eyeglasses, OrCam utilises Artificial Vision to assist people who have reading difficulties such as a visual impairment, autism and some brain injuries. The device recognizes text and converts the text to speech, it also can recognise products and faces, and speaks to the user through a mini earpiece.

Henshaws works with technology companies and grassroots getting products in front of people so they become more aware of how technology can be used. One of their important targets is getting people trained in and understanding how to use technology to improve their health and care.




Henshaws were one of several eHealth Cluster members who took part in the cluster-managed Digital Space at Ilinks 2016, where they were given the opportunity to tell an audience of senior NHS professionals about their work, and how they are integrating digital technology with health and social care services.