Where technology meets health and wellbeing

Liverpool City Region’s eHealth Cluster Ltd is the only SME-led eHealth Cluster in the UK. We deliver a new model for providing practical support to both technology and care organisations through collaborative Cluster working.

Our Adoption Readiness Level® tool is a free self-assessment tool designed to help your organisation understand the barriers that you might encounter in the uptake of your product. Click below to try it

Adoption Readiness Level® tool

To support the growth in eHealth we need new ways of working together, making the most of the fantastic resources and expertise we have here in the Liverpool City Region – and that’s where the Liverpool City Region eHealth Cluster comes in.

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We believe in:

  • Collaboration
  • Understanding health and social care challenges
  • Being creative
  • Responding to need
  • Supporting business

The growth in eHealth provides great opportunities for all. Developing and deploying effective eHealth products is complex, cuts across different sectors and in order to be successful, needs to involve many different types of organisation.