iLinks conference 2016

Hosting the Digital Space, we introduced our members to a range of NHS professionals, putting them in front of procurement professionals, clinicians and decision makers. Organisations that took part were:


  • Red Ninja
  • Parity Medical
  • Citrus Suite
  • Aergo
  • Eyecalm
  • DCD
  • Milky Tea
  • Homecarers Liverpool
  • Damibu
  • Orcha
  • Henshaws
  • Care Innovation
  • Genie in the Gutter


Mi/LCCG eHealth ERDF Business Support Contract, October 2014 to October 2015

Delivering successful outcomes and exceeding our contract  targets:

  • Established 26 collaboration partnerships
  • Provided tailored and intensive business support to 28+ eHealth businesses;
  • Partners in eHealth Cluster Ltd leveraged over £1.25M in new investment this year alone;
  • Created 4 new eHealth businesses;
  • Delivered a Community Test Bed facility.

SMEs feedback:

  • 100% of the SMEs that we have supported say that our help has been beneficial to their business.
  • 92% have made links with wider communities to co-produce and test innovations;
  • 92% have made links with public bodies including the NHS;
  • 92% are more able to exploit health and social care markets.
  • 85% rate our business support service as excellent.

“We’ve been able to trial our award-winning ReMind Me app because the eHealth Cluster introduced us to key people at Local Authorities, the NHS and the Chinese Wellbeing organisation. The Cluster is helping us to fill technology gaps in health and social care, and explore new markets in Europe and China. We’ve since doubled the size of our team and secured significant funding.” Chris Morland, Citrus Suite

“eHealth Cluster connected us with healthcare experts and providers. They championed our living lab approach to developing the House of Memories app – helping us create a more effective product that actively improves care and treatment.” Dave Burrows, Damibu

Over the past 12 months eHealth Cluster Ltd has brought smaller care providers into the eHealth Cluster, helping them to identify opportunities for integrating technology into their services. Social care providers have told us: “We know we should be doing more with technology, we just don’t know where to start.”…“We haven’t got the skills and resources.”…“We’ve tried, but we’ve just hit too many barriers.”