Supporting Innovation

What does the eHealth Cluster do?

As health and social care evolves, we need to be able to share resources and technology has a major role to play in that. Yet Liverpool City Region’s eHealth Cluster issues a challenge; how can you share resources if you don’t know what’s there?

At the heart of the cluster is a framework supporting a community of technology companies, health and care organisations along with individuals and communities.

By bringing together the three worlds of technology, health and care, the eHealth Cluster is able to cut across them, illustrating three, often different, ways of working with the Liverpool city region. This, ultimately, helps people to work out the best ways to work together. It makes it easier for commissioners to map and find out what technology and IPs are being developed; It enables technology companies to work more effectively with healthcare professionals, responding to real needs and issues; and it helps communities impart their valuable perspective and experience to help develop the technology and digital health they need.

There are seven categories of membership within the eHealth Cluster, covering people with all types of disciplines. There are creative thinkers working on user experience and design, patent attorneys, those who can advise on standards, technologists who understand platforms and opportunity and healthcare professionals who bring 40 years of experience.

Creating a balanced membership means people can support each other and see the real opportunities for health.

Our key services;

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