Technology isn’t created in isolation. Instead it has to respond to a need. Its development needs a robust mechanism of reflection, insight and expertise from a wide range of voices to ensure it stays on track, delivery what’s both wanted and required. This is a community.

One of the ways Liverpool’s eHealth cluster supports this is through its structure. By bringing together technology, health and social care communities, the cluster enables its members to have access to a cross section of sectors. It generates a balanced membership of people with different ranges of experience and expertise providing advice, support and context. It means the community can create products and platforms that are what the health and social care communities need and want.

If you know what’s happening, you can bring the right people together to deliver it.

Different kinds of producers and different kind of products need varying levels of advice and community feedback.

Explore some of the different projects and communities working as part of the eHealth Cluster in the case studies below.