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A digital agency Studio Mashbo is evolving into app development, helping to support their customers as they navigate a new digital landscape. Having worked closely with Liverpool’s Alder Hey Children’s Hospital on key projects, the team is helping to open communication, both internally and externally within the hospital.

The Land of Remarkable People

Alder Hey are moving to a new hospital. They have loads of amazing people in that organization. We created a storytelling website with a low budget. Most of our projects are under £10k as we offer quick and nimble innovation. We have people like the cleaning lady telling her story as well as people and patients telling their story. It’s not just about the hospital but also distraction therapy. We’re sharing stories of hope and encouragement.

We take photographs, audio content and video giving some of the staff recorders going out and interviewing patients. They put transcripts together, all the different departments started to ask about their own story. The communications team got the whole hospital knocking on their door asking to tell their story. More and more people kept approaching to them so they have this stream of content. With this it transformed their whole approach so we’re working on different projects with them now; same approach but narrowing down to different departments. we also have other hospitals wanting to take the approach from us.

Fresh – A hub for young people and children in Liverpool And Sefton.

We dealt with a group of kids from Cams department, they deal with kids with mental illnesses like anxiety and depression.

We were dealing with vulnerable young people. We co-created a project where the young people wrote the brief, were involved in the design process, we taught them a little bit about code. We created a mechanism about people’s emotions, how are they feeling, lonely, anxious. In the background we’re tracking that information, When they do group therapy they tailor the content around what the website is telling them, around anger or anxiety.

From this projects we’re looking at iterations of this, how can we work with young people to develop this. Digital media is a major catalyst for depression as a window for their lives so we need to give them a chance to turn that around.