Red Ninja

A digital technology company building both software and hardware, Red Ninja are co-creators and open innovation experts who work with service and end users on products.

Working with healthcare professionals makes eHealth products better. Little Moments is a camera with an NFC connection designed for mothers and babies after a traumatic birth. Co-created with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, using insight from their expert neonatal department, the device streams video to the mother during a critical time of bonding. This reduces the risk of the mother discharging herself from hospital too early, allowing her to focus on her newborn while recovering and recuperating.

The final app has three layers of security, NFC and also the app only works in the Women’s Hospital. There is also a secure N3 connection between the two hospitals.

Working with North Wales Brain Injury Service, users helped Red Ninja to shape a new app helping them manage day to day activities, like cooking, in the home by using sensors. The app, designed through a co-creation workshop; the screen interface design changed when one user said they struggle with decision making. A simple change helped a meal planner to tell the user what time of day it was and which meal it was time for offering specific menus, rather than allowing them to pick either Breakfast, Lunch or dinner. It both simplified and improved the design and use of the product.

Within the eHealth Cluster, Red Ninja is able to work with partners on technology projects who can help find those pain points in projects and help develop solutions.




Red Ninja were one of several eHealth Cluster members who took part in the cluster-managed Digital Space at Ilinks 2016, where they were given the opportunity to tell an audience of senior NHS professionals about their work, and how they are integrating digital technology with health and social care services.