Milky Tea

A creative production studio, Milky Tea designs, develops and publishes their own video games, VR and animation content. From their base in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle the agency works internationally with globally recognised brands, agencies and entertainment companies.

Milky Tea are currently exploring the application of the technology they work with. By understanding how the technology can be used in eHealth they can support improving people’s lives. For example, Milky Tea’s PC, Xbox One, PS4 game Coffin Dodgers has a Virtual Reality capability. The creation of these immersive 3D worlds can inspire people to think about their potential in eHealth, for training or creating support systems or technology. Milky Tea has also created educational gaming products that could have a health and wellbeing element, for example a “serious gaming” solution for staff at Kraft Foods and Dwaine Dash, a mobile app for Northumbrian Water teaching children about what they should and shouldn’t flush down the toilet.

Gaming technology has a massive part to play in helping people, in training or entertainment as well as assessment and Milky Tea see it as their role to find ways to apply that technology to health organisations.



Milky Tea were one of several eHealth Cluster members who took part in the cluster-managed Digital Space at Ilinks 2016, where they were given the opportunity to tell an audience of senior NHS professionals about their work, and how they are integrating digital technology with health and social care services.