5G Testbed and Trial Open Day

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The eHealth Cluster and the City Council iNnovation Network held an Open Day at the Cunard Building on Tuesday 9th October. The aim of the day was to give those providing care an opportunity to see the equipment being trialled in the testbed project, so that they understand it better and can promote it to their service users.


100 people attended, including commissioners, social workers, care workers, managers,  housing associations and other interested

parties, from Health and Social Care organisations (including RSLs), tech organisations and a variety of Liverpool City Council departments.
Technology companies demonstrating their tech were: CGA Simulation (Reducing Loneliness App),Defproc (Push to Talk), Digicredis (Rehydration Centre), Protel Health (Pharmacy Assistant PAMAN), RLBUHT (Docobo Device), Safehouse Technology (Safehouse sensor), University of Liverpool (Cromatic Sensor)