Do you want to be an active member of the Liverpool City Region eHealth Cluster?

Membership is open to everyone with an interest in eHealth.

There are seven categories of membership – check here to see which one is right for you

To become a member, please contact us Or download this membership form complete it and email it to us at

Membership benefits include: 

  • Monthly newsletter and opportunity to promote items in newsletter e.g. Promotional items, job vacancies, requests for help/support
  • Entry on cluster website members page
  • Use of our membership logo on your relevant publicity, to help demonstrate your commitment to collaboration and embracing technology
  • Getting help with:
    • Collaborations with cluster members across all categories  
    • Access to research and development activities
    • Support in developing new ways of working from other sectors
    • Insight into eHealth products available and emerging, product requirements and market needs
    • Routes to test concepts/products and co-creation opportunities


We are not funded through project funding, but we are funded by membership fees. This means that we can focus on the priorities that members need addressing. It also means that we are a constant activity running alongside the many different projects taking place at any one time in the City Region.

Local Technology, Health and Social Care and Support SMEs

Membership is currently free for local SMEs

A fee review will be held in July 2018,  to see if it is necessary to introduce charges for SMEs in a category-by-category basis. If fees are introduced, don’t worry, we’ll inform you well in advance.

To become a member, please contact us 

Or download this membership form , complete it and email it to us at

Other Categories

There are currently charges for the Public Sector, Academic Sector, large businesses and businesses from outside the Liverpool City Region. For more information about fees and membership in these categories, please contact us