The ITHACA (Innovation in Health and Care for All) project is an international project

 – involving partners from our and other European regions – that aims to refine regional policies and practices so that they can more effectively support innovative businesses, create growth and scale up the deployment of innovative health and care solutions.


The eHealth Cluster has been working with the Liverpool CCG Digital Care & Innovation team on aspect of the ITHACA project since early 2017:

  • arranging and hosting the ITHACA (innovaTion in Health and Care for all)  Exchange of Experience and Peer Evaluation Visit, in April 2017, where 9 regions from the EU share experiences and good practices on smart health and care innovation, to improve active and healthy ageing of the population. You can read about it here, and watch the film here
  • supporting the team to collect information from cluster members to inform future development

We’re rather pleased that Interreg Europe have listed the eHealth Cluster as an example of Good Practice, for our ITHACA  work.